Sessions & Packages

Private Sessions:

After years of collecting modalities, processes, techniques, tools, methods, knowledge and experience I bring it all to the table for a Session. Rather then limit one to a particular service why not enjoy the benefit of a buffet from s Subtle Energies Specialist.

Together we will discover which set of skills and techniques best fits your needs.

You can Book time with me by the hour for a Private Session to commence by phone or in person. $100 per Hour. 1/2 Hour Sessions are available as Follow Ups or Quickies.

When your ready to get Tuned In, Tapped In and Turned On Schedule your Session!


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High Vibe & Life Shaping Yoga Packages

Sign Up for a Package of Unique and Special Yoga Instruction. These Yoga Session will take you far beyond the typical Yoga Studio experience. We are going to get you familiar and working your Subtle (Energy) Body Systems - use Breath, Movement, Sound and Meditation to get you Tuned In, Tapped In and Turned On!


Solution Package

Sometimes Life gets Confusing

Sometimes there are too many choices…too many options, too many ramifications, responsibilities and conflicts!

That’s a good time for a Solution Package!

A Solution Package is designed to better understand the issue, your desire, the factors and influences, possible and probable outcomes, strategies and finally yes…SOLUTIONS.

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Breakthrough Package

Are you feeling stuck, frozen, or unmotivated to change what you know you need to, and want to?

Underneath every obstacle, desire, dilemma or challenge…is thought and feeling. Thought and feeling are the source of your power, and also the source of your problems.

When you and I collaborate we will get “down and dirty”, … TO THE CORE! We will get to the bottom of it all! And then we will rework it, redefine it, rediscover it, find your light, and go after your success!

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Transformation Package

We all have things that are missing in our lives, or things that frustrate us, patterns or situations that keep showing up that we don’t want, as well as things that we desire that don’t show up.
I work with people to help change that.

A Transformation Session is about getting you tuned in, tapped in and turned on to changing your life!
It’s about resetting your Vibration (which creates your reality through The Law of Attraction) and becoming a clear beacon attracting what is specific to you to spark Transformation.

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