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Bring to Your Studio

Workshops that Excite the Spirit!

Yogis have greatly benefited from all your studio has offered.
Are they hungry for more? Something new and different?
Introduce yoga workshops that touch the soul, stimulate the mind, raise awareness and build community!

Every workshop is a mixture of Movement, Breath, Energy Flow, Education, Activity, Technique & Meditation.

It would be a pleasure to Co-Host a Workshop with You!


Leianne Wilson

Intuitive, Yoga Instructor (RYT), Coach, Crystal Singing Bowl Player, Author, Speaker...

(amongst lots of other titles, certifications and alphabets -  what matters is it all goes to good use and is shared )

Lif eShaping Questions - Book by Leianne Wilson

After 30 years of being in the field of Subtle Bodies

I have a lot I can share.

This means I can provide an array of workshops that keeps your clientele returning for more.

Yogis are looking for the next step...

We can give them that next step and at the same time make a positive difference in the world.

My Workshops blend a wide variety of knowledge, technique and practice which keeps your clientele interested, stimulated, thirsty for more, returning for more.

I like to collaborate with other Yoga Instructors to enhance the workshop experience so who on your team is ready to be a part of the fun?

It is a Win-Win-Win!


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Here's How It Works


I have many Workshop Topics and Themes you can select. Every Workshop has a Time Duration that is flexible, so if you want to expand the depth of knowledge and expereince that is an option.

You get to choose what you like and think will serve your clientele the best!

You choose your Workshop
We set a Date
and the fun begins...

Workshops & Events I Offer:

Crystal Singing Bowl Experience

90 minute - 2 hour Event

This Workshop is really a cross between a Crystal Singing Bowl Concert and a Yoga Nidra Journey.
Participants will be introduced to the sound of Crystal Singing Bowls and the nature of their healing power.
They will receive a bit of education, alot of beautiful music and some guided meditation.
I often call my Crystal Singing Bowls..."Life Shaping Bowls" for their tones and lulling sound allow the audience to reach a deep peaceful state of being!

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Browse through Workshop Themes & Topics Offered

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A Wide Variety of Topics and Themes to Choose From

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I will set you up with a digital Media Kit which will include:

Flyer, Social Media Posting Graphic, Workshop Description Copy, and a few Social Media Posting Copy.

I will also be promtoting the event through my tribe via email and an Event Page on my website.

Contact Me to Co-Host your Workshop!

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Crystal Singing Bowls - Leianne Wilson

About Leianne

Leianne Wilson is an Intuitive Revealer, Crystal Singing Bowl Player, Vibrational Therapist and Yoga Instructor. The heart of her practice is rooted in moving energy to create transformation.

She has developed a unique expertise in metaphysics, the intuitive arts, life management, yoga, sound, quantum physics and spirituality. She has 30+ yrs of experience in the field of spiritual growth, personal development, and has created a series of tools, programs and techniques to assist people in escalating their personal growth, creating transformation to manifest the life desired.

She is creator of the “Life Shaping Program” , The Life Shaping Deck – Oracle Cards, Authored a Best Selling Book and produced the Crystal Singing Bowl CD “Tonality”. She provides personal Intuitive Readings, Coaching, Yoga Instruction, has taught workshops across the nation, appeared on numerous tv and radio spots and authored 4 Books. 

She is an excellent source to consult when you’re looking for clarity and solutions or to manifest. She has helped many people across the globe demonstrating when you Shift your Body, Mind and Soul…you can create anything!